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Hi I am Jennifer J.

Welcome to Her's Only handmade jewelry. I am a Biomedical Lab technologist and I am the creative mind behind all the jewelry presented on this website. As a child I always had a passion for creativity and originality. I used to make many handmade jewelries and share them with my friends. As I grew older...most of my time was consumed by school and work, and I had no time to focus on myself or my hobbies. 


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Not too long ago, one of my work colleagues noticed a necklace I made a few years back. She encouraged-basically forced-me to start making more jewelry in order to share my love of handmade jewelry with others. So I did, and I am glad I did it. Here I am now with my own online jewelry store. My family and friends are my biggest supporters. I love and enjoy making jewelry so much. Being able to create something the way I want and sharing it with people who respect and appreciate my work is incredible.

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